SYS1.PARMLIB: What is it? What's important? Why?

dts-webinar-SEPT-22-600X600-PRE-NO-BUTTONThe PARMLIB dataset is arguably the single most important dataset in a z/OS® enterprise. Controlling everything from system initialization, tailoring, catalog operations, and storage management to security, automation, console functions, and more, the PARMLIB concatenation is critical to z/OS functioning. 

Topics Covered:

While all 80+ members couldn't be covered in a single session, this webinar covers some of the most important ones that affect system configuration (IEASYSxx, LOADxx, PROGxx, IEASYMxx, IKJTSOxx) and storage management (ALLOCxx, DEVSUPxx, IGDSMSxx, and IGGCATxx). Specifically, we talk about a few of the most important members, as well as the parmlib concatenation and filtering (to handle multiple systems), and the important console commands related to some of the PARMLIB members.

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