Webinar Topic: Secure Data for Everyone - Pervasive Encryption and z/OS Storage Management

DTS-SEPT-21-webinar-400x400-banner-NO-BUTTONOn September 21, 2021, DTS CTO Steve Pryor examined how the data in your z/OS system - the most valuable and useful data in the enterprise, and the data cybercriminals want most – must remain accessible and yet completely secure. IBM's Pervasive Encryption initiative aims to achieve both of these goals by making encryption so simple to use that it's implemented by default.

Pryor discussed some of the practical steps involved in making Pervasive Encryption a reality in your z/OS environment. The storage management subsystem plays a critical role in encryption - after all, disk and tape storage is where the encrypted data resides.

He also talked about what's needed in SMS, RACF, DFSMShsm/ FDRABR, and in other system components to make sure encryption can be widely used and yet transparent to applications and end users.

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