What's Wrong with This Dataset?

ISMF Test, Naviquest, and Debugging Your ACS Routines

When the Automatic Class Selection (ACS) routines assign DFSMS constructs to a dataset, they determine every important aspect of the file's life cycle, from its creation to its physical characteristics, to its ultimate demise. Yet in many installations, an understanding of how the ACS routines work, and equally important, how to test and debug them, is limited. This month, we'll look at some ways to make sure the ACS routines execute as intended, and what to do when they don't. We'll discuss some of the facilities that z/OS provides for testing and debugging the ACS routines, such as ISMF Test, Naviquest, and volume selection tracing, along with a couple of DTS product features that can add even more features and function to DFSMS.

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