Understanding Access Methods and I/O in z/OS®

Join us Tuesday, March 21, at 11:00 a.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. CT for our complimentary educational webinar "Understanding Access Methods and I/O in z/OS."

Reading and writing files in z/OS systems differs markedly from similar processes in other architectures. A combination of dataset structure, control blocks, and macros, called an Access Method, allows programs to read and write data on the record or block level, control buffering, provide sequential or direct access, and end-of-file processing.

In this month's webinar, we'll discuss the unique features of z/OS access methods (BSAM, QSAM, VSAM), control blocks (the DCB, JFCB, TIOT), and macros (GET/PUT, READ/WRITE) that are the basis for reading and writing all types of datasets in mainframe systems.


About Our Presenter:
Steve Pryor, CTO at DTS Software, has a more than 30-year background in storage manage-ment, design, and support, and frequently speaks at industry events. Prior to joining DTS in the early 2000s, Steve made important contributions at several mainframe software vendors, designing and implementing major products and components.