Exit Routines - What, When, Why, and How to Use Them

JUNE 2023- Webinar- Exit Routines- ON-DEMAND, no button (179 × 179 px)

The long history of z/OS as a large-scale general-purpose operating system allows it to meet a wide variety of needs in nearly any enterprise. Often, however, installations may have very specific applications or requirements that require customization or extensions to z/OS functions. Every major mainframe subsystem and function, including DFSMS, JES, TSO, message processing, HSM and others allow the use of exit routines, i.e., special 'side' programs, to provide particular processing, or functions and features that aren't available in the base operating system.

Understanding what exits are in place or available, what they do, and how they might be improved (or possibly eliminated) is an important asset for any mainframe analyst. In this month's webinar, we'll examine the most frequently used exits, their history, advantages and drawbacks, and their place in your system.

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