An Introduction to z/OS® Utilities

Join us Tuesday, January 25th, at 11:00 a.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. CT as we give an introduction to z/OS utilities for users and programmers old and new.

Users unfamiliar with a new operating system such as z/OS face a learning curve when trying to perform even the most basic functions, such as moving, copying and comparing files, creating test data, and editing file contents. In the mainframe environment these functions aren't always performed interactively, but by specialized z/OS 'utility' programs.

These utilities have a very long history, sometimes complex syntax, specific uses that depend upon the organization of datasets, and names that are completely meaningless except to z/OS veterans. So new z/OS users face additional learning requirements for seemingly simple tasks.

This month, we'll discuss some of the basic z/OS utilities, such as IEBGENER, IEBCOPY, IEHLIST, and a few others, as well as more general utilities such as IDCAMS, and how to accomplish some of the same tasks interactively under ISPF.


About Our Presenter:
Steve Pryor, CTO at DTS Software, has a more than 30-year background in storage manage-ment, design, and support, and frequently speaks at industry events. Prior to joining DTS in the early 2000s, Steve made important contributions at several mainframe software vendors, designing and implementing major products and components.