Webinar Topic: An Introduction to z/OS® Sort

dts-FEB-webinar-200X200-NO-BUTTONIn our February 2022 webinar, DTS CTO Steve Pryor gave an introduction to z/OS sort for users and programmers old and new.

Modern z/OS systems are home to enormous volumes of data. But all this data is of little value unless it is properly organized, formatted, and usually, sorted. One of the most important programs for filtering, manipulating, and ordering data is the z/OS sort.

Sometimes thought of as merely an ordinary utility, z/OS sorts have evolved into sophisticated mechanisms that can be surprisingly useful to systems programmers and storage administrators, as well as to application personnel. Beyond being the backbone of production applications, sorts can perform analysis and reporting in a remarkably fast, simple manner.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How the z/OS sort works
  • The most important and useful sort control statements
  • Best practices and techniques such as parsing and record construction

We'll also demonstrate how the sort can be used to read almost any type of input and produce reports and records useful at both the systems and application levels.

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